Yes, Auntie M knows this does not sound at all appetizing, but it stands for Bones and Raw Food, which is what we feed Radar and Murray at our house.  Contrary to popular opinion, dogs CAN eat bones and do all the time in the wild, they just can’t be cooked bones, which can cause splintering.  But a good chew on a real raw meaty bone (known as RMB’s in the lingo) keeps their teeth clean, their breath non-doggy (really!) and their weight down.

For meals they eat one of several things; raw chicken necks, raw chicken wings or raw chopped meat of whichever is one sale at our friendly meat farm.  Into this I mix some crushed alfalfa, ground egg shells to up their calcium intake, a dash of cod liver oil, and a tsp of cider vinegar.  We also save our fresh clippings from veg and fruits and blender them to smash the cellulose and mix this all together–yummy patties you can make ahead of time and freeze.  These add-ins supply all of the nutrients a doggie could want to wag its tail.  The cider vinegar has the added advantage, besides a whole host of Good Things, of keeping a white dog’s skin around their eyes white!

Both of my dogs, ages 12 and 1, have NO Dog Breath, great white teeth, and best of all, NO doggy gas, which is amongst one of the world’s worst pollutants.  Their dog biscuits are made of grains and things like greens and cranberries, all natural, that we get in Sam’s (Yeah, I know, but you can’t live where I live in the rural country and not depend on a monthly Sam’s visit to get you through).  They also have decreased shedding!

Amounts are by weight and there are several websites that explain this diet if you’re interested.  It’s the brainchild of  Australian vet Dr. Ian Billinghurst, and can be adapted to cats as well.  The theory is that dogs are from wolves and this is the diet they would eat in the wild and is best adapted to their digestive systems. And did I mention their poops turn white and go right into the ground after a day?

Ask me questions and I’ll happily answer~