Auntie M and Doc are having a quiet Saturday at home.  We’ve been on the road a bit lately last week for appointments and have another one Monday, so having a day with no place to be at an appointed hour is very nice.  It helps that it’s very cool and raining on and off with high winds, the kind of day that makes you want to snuggle inside.

Auntie M got up and make a nice 3-layer spice cake to take to her Mom’s church tomorrow.  The Bishop is coming and lunch will follow and somehow in a weak moment a few weeks ago I said I would help her serve at the luncheon to follow.  The cake has canned coconut-pecan icing in the layers on the top; the sides are frosted with cream cheese icing and I piped some shells around the bottom and where the two icings meet.  It looks nice and Mom (and the Bishop, who loves sweets, I hear) will be pleased.

Wash in the dryer, dishes done, paperwork for today accomplished, and as soon as I send this off I will be settling down on the couch to watch an ice skating special (one of my favorite sports) for breast cancer awareness.  Our Upstate NY d-in-law just had her 5 yr anniversary cancer free and we are very grateful.  We sent her flowers to honor her journey–finding out she had breast cancer at 33 when she was planning her wedding to our Middle Son would have floored most people.  This gal went through 6 months of chemo, a mastectomy with several reconstructive surgeries, complete hair loss and all of the accompanying side effects–and still wore the strapless dress she wanted to at their wedding the next year, with her just-grown-in hair.  She’s our hero.  Or heroine.  Whatever.

After the ice skating, a few pages of the book I’m reading, Still Waters by Nigel McCrery.

Although my cover is different, the innards are the same, a neat detective who has the unusual problem ofsynaesthesia, which means sounds cause him to taste things.  This ranges from good things to bad; the collective noise of his squad room, for instance, gives him the metallic taste of blood.  The sound of his twin boys playing tastes like vanilla.  It’s an unusual quirk in an interesting start of a new series by this author, who has written in the UK for years.   Check him out.

And enjoy your own Saturday~