Those of you who read Auntie M know she is a mystery lover, and  forensic shows and novels are right up there with some of the ones I read and watch continuously.  As a retired nurse and current mystery writer, I’m fascinated with the human body and it’s awesome workings, and how I can twist them to suit me in my devilish plots.

I’m a big fan of the show “Bones” (and who wouldn’t be with David Boreanaz?  That’s one fine dude).

Based loosely on the books of real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, Temperance Brennan in the show is in her early 30’s, which lend itself to a ton more fun things to happen to her and her FBI partner, pictured above.  Riechs checks out each script and carries a producing credit on the show.

In Reichs’ novels, Tempe is older, divorced with a college-aged daughter, and not necessarily wiser.  The forensics and plotting, however, are far more readable to me than those of Patricia Cornwell. In real-life, Reich is one of a small number of boarded forensic patholgists practicing, and her jobs revolve around UNC Charlotte and its related department in the province of Quebec.  The novels reflect this cross-nation position and several are set in Quebec, adding interest and an infusion of French.

Reichs has a way with snappy dialogue, and infuses her awful situations with humor and her character’s personal lives, so it’s not all digging up bodies and identifying bones.  And her Brennan has human reactions and failings that smack of realism.

Her newest is a case in point: Devil Bones tells you everything you wanted to know and more about syncretic religions such as Santeria, voodoo and brujeria, as the pathologist tries to figure out the symbolism behind r recovered bones in, well, let’s just say, very suspicious circumstances.  Wicca comes into play, and we learn of that beliefs foundation, too.

Nothing quite turns out to be the way it initially seems, and yes, the bodies stack up along the way, some in surprising areas.  The twists and turns make this one a quick, and recommended, read.