Obviously if I’m back on line it means Agatha is out of the laptop hospital.  She somehow acquired a deeply hidden flaw that had her NEW C disc being half used up in TWO weeks!  Sheesh!  Let’s hope that’s it for a while.  I can’t handle these trips to the doc, any doc.

Which is why instead of rushing Radar off to the vet today after he and a pygmy rattler met by accident, I called my friend Kelly, a naturalist who Knows These Things and used to have a show on PBS about the wildlife refuge in our county.  She advised that since said dog is 101 lbs, and said rattler is small, he would be swollen and sleepy for a day or so but not much else would happen.  She’s right.  His already-large nose looks like a softball on the end of his adorable snout, but he’s breathing fine and I’m in watch mode.  Another sheesh!

Now on to the good stuff: Last night was Octobers’ WRITERS READ program, my community outreach project to promote writers from my Screw Iowa Writing Group (www.screwiowa.com.  Check us out if you haven’t).

About every six weeks or so a bunch of writers and just-listeners gather at the coffeehouse in Little Washington, NC for delicious desserts (her 9-layer chocolate cake is to DIE for), good drinks, and readings by authors.  We crammed 23 people into this small space last night, and the local Arts Council is now loaning us their microphone, which almost all of the 12 readers used.

Last night was also the first time I’d added youth writers, at the request of several moms who home school and wanted their kids to have the experience of reading in front of a group since they don’t read in front of a classroom.  We brought them in early and I’m happy to say about 8 of my regulars showed early, too, to hear them and ask questions and cheer them on.  They were treated with respect and asked serious questions about their work, which by the way, BLEW US ALL AWAY!  These kids ranged from age 8 to 16 and read magical realism, nature poems, and even the beginning of a play.  They did voices, the wrote in differing points of view, they had a great command of literature, an impressive vocabulary, AND amazing imaginations.

Their moms deserve the credit, and these kids are all coming again in November, plus two more who came to hear them.  The moms were thanking me for allowing them to intrude on our program.  We were thanking them for reminding us to think outside the usual boxes, and the youth can teach the old new tricks.

A great evening, and I did NOT have the cake!