Bloggers unite:

Auntie M is hoping for each of you to send some positive energy tonight and tomorrow to Paramedic son.

He’s a VERY good medic

He’s a volunteer fireman

Yep, that’s him, sunglasses in the back row, with some of his EMT-Firemen team.  Their unit is over a hundred years old in the town of Belhaven, NC.

He’s kind to old people, wonderful with children, ruthless with drug addicts.  He’s sensitive and usually cheerful (being a Gemini, he’s mostly very, very good but on occasion can be horrid).  He’s a married guy but he’s still my baby.

Said son is having surgery tomorrow.  He stopped smoking three years ago and we are very happy and proud of him on so many levels.  Now this surgery will get him into shape, and as much as we support him and know things will be just fine, Mum still worries. . .so please, send your good thoughts, prayers, blessings or plain positive energy winging it’s way to him.  He deserves it.

And thank you~