Auntie M is waiting to put the cornbread in the oven, and decided to sit down to list Top Ten list of things to be thankful for this year:

1. My family, always number 1:  The best husband ever, the nicest children, the greatest grands.  My delight and my treasure.

2. My writing group: Screw Iowa beats the band.  These four women keep my writing, keep me advancing, keep me feeling I can call myself a writer.

3. My home: The Briary is a sweet retreat for us after losing our NY home in a fire.  Phoenix from the ashes time.  Lovely view right on the river.

4. My friends: Who keep me sane at times of chaos, the touchpoint in an everchanging world.

5. My dogs: Those creatures of unswervering love, always ready to please, always ready to be loved and to love you in return.  Doggie breath rules~

6. Nature: that surrounds us every day.  The deer, beer, foxes, multitudes of birds, the tiny chipmunks and grey squirrels, (pox to red ants and spiders, sorry).  The woods, filled with pine cones and leafy oaks; the river filled with fish and on occasion porpoises.  Moonlight that dances off the river and stars that seem to go on forever.  Fresh air and sunshine.

7. My writing: my solace, my treat, my accomplishment.  Days of research and nights of plotting.  Making up tragedy and comedy and taking a turn at making things turn out just the way I want them to.

8. My books: the material things I adore, the greatest hobby to travel to far places and inhabit other worlds; the paper, the scent of ink, the firmness in my hands.  The great writers to look forward to; the great worlds they create and I get to inhabit for a time.

9. My country: a nation where we can have vast differences but smooth transitions, where literally anyone can imagine growing up to be President, where despite its harshness at times, it is still the embodiment of a melting pot.

10. My health: my bionic knees and crumbling back and rolls of girth , laughter, that still houses my forgetful mind and conscience and my heart.

What’s on your list of things to be thankful for????