FRACTURE was the name of a really neat and intense Anthony Hopkins movie I saw on DVD a few months ago.

It is also what happened today when my sister’s 120 lb chocolate lab, Judas, (don’t ask) ran into Doc’s knee, head first, all that poundage transferred sideways, breaking his tibial plateau and probably tearing some ligaments to boot.

I was in the house throwing dog bed covers into their own cycle of wash when I heard Paramedic son calling me outside. I strolled to the porch and saw Doc sitting on a cooler. Why is he sitting on a cooler? I asked. Why is he so white? came next, as I got a good look.

It took P. son and myself over ten minutes to wrap a pillow around the bad knee and get Doc into the car to go to town to the Doctor. I insisted he pop a Percocet on the way; he did not argue. This was bad sign number 1.

Bad sign number 2 came when our doc took me back to show me the Xrays and even I could see the fractures, wedge-shaped, on the tibial plateau, the head of the long bone in the lower leg that your knee sits on and that carries your weight.

Now Doc is a big boy, 6’4″ in height, and despite a recent 40 lb weight loss, still a formidable giant of a man. So the bone that takes his weight has to be in tip-top shape, and right now it’s in 3 pieces….

He got a shot; he got a knee immobilizer; he got an ice pack; he got shiny new crutches and had to practice lurching around the ER until the nurse, a friend of ours, let him go home.
This time he spread out across the back seat and I went VERY slowly on the drive home due to the bumps.

Fortunately we have a lift up to our house and he used it today. He’s been in bed with ice, pain pills, his crutches resting next to him, in a bit of a snit over the entire thing. I spent a few hours canceling our appointments and engagements for the next three weeks.

Tomorrow we see the orthopod, who will probably do a CAT scan or MRI and pass judgment, but our doc and the Physical therapist pal we have both feel he needs screws. No, not that kind, although he’d probably love one of those too if he had enough pain meds in him. Not tonight, sweetheart, nor for many nights to come, I fear.

I’ll keep you posted, but may be out of touch for a few days while we literally straighten this leg out. Poor guy.
All due to a close collision with a dog…..sheesh.