Chestnuts aren’t roasting on our fire as we hit 60 degrees here in northeastern NC!

We are having a quiet day with just Mom out to visit as Doc is home from the hospital but not up to company.  He’s in bed, in pain, nauseous and uncomfortable, and REALLY HATES using the bedside commode.

But he’s here, the surgery was successful, and now the hard recovery period begins.

We’ll be having our big dinner on Saturday, when Paramedic Son and his wife are off work and can join us, and hopefully by then Doc will actually feel like eating something!

I’ve pulled out all my nursing skills, from bed baths to back rubs, checking for pedal pulses, redressing and rewrapping and reicing the knee.  That includes biting my tongue to keep back snarky comments remain pleasant at all times, as men are, as women everywhere know and acknowledge, the WORST patients.  Throw in the fact that he’s a retired surgeon, and it only escalates from there.

But I’m happy he’s home, I’m happy it’s Christmas, and I’m sending all of you peace and love.