Since Doc has been down, Auntie M has been dealing with most of those household chores he does that I never give a second thought.  Like changing the filters on our water system.

Having a well means that our drinking water tastes like the salt we use in its first filter–its potable but doesn’t taste so good.  And as for using it for tea, coffee or anything other than pasta water, definitely not so good.  Ditto our ice maker.

The filtration system that makes it taste good to drink has been down this entire week.  The filters needed to be changed.  How difficult could this be?  Wednesday afternoon, I head up to the attic with Doc’s directions written down. I go through the steps.  I purge and empty and screw in new filters.  Done.  Wait two hours.  Make dinner.  Check the system.  No water.

Thursday, after a repeated consultation, I go upstairs this time armed with a two-way radio.  From his hospital bed downstairs Doc talks me through it.  Done.  Wait two hours.  No water.  This time I noticed an unplugged plug, but he assures it should be unplugged.

Today, armed with the radios again and the instruction booklet (yes, he had it all the time) I go upstairs.  I consult the book.  I look at the machinery before me.  And immediately see the problem I’ve been having: remember that unplugged plug that wasn’t necessary?  This is true, but that is because THAT goes to the ‘older’ system, which is the one I have been changing the filters on for the past two days.  It is no longer in use. I did NOT know there is a ‘newer’ system, in a different case, sitting on the floor in an enclosed innocuous plastic case, beneath the old one.  AHA!

With the instruction booklet in hand, I now follow the steps ON THE CORRECT APPLIANCE.  They are clear and show diagrams and pictures.  They do NOT mention that you can catch your pinky finger and almost decapitate it, but nonetheless,  and despite a minor flood, voila! two hours later, pure, tasty water.  Ice maker turned back on.  Clear water for cooking dinner tonight.

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

In other news, Auntie M hit a wall earlier this week.   I got up and told Doc I just didn’t feel right–But couldn’t explain why.  Trying hard to finish a scene so I could get my pages out to my Screw Iowa buddies for reading before our June workshop, I gave Doc lunch, went back to the computer, and my eyes felt like they were going to fall out of my head.  My head spun, which made me nauseated. I had to sleep, at just that minute.   I told Doc I was just going to “lie down for a bit.”  Six hours later when I surfaced, he’d called Mom to come out and handle dinner so I could stay in bed.

So I did.  That night and into the next day, I slept and she brought me tea and English muffins, took care of Doc, and generally let me get over whatever hit me.  By the next night I was feeling better, and when she left the next morning,  I thanked her profusely.  Really, she gets to me sometimes, but she really knows how to pitch in when I need her.

Just as she was leaving I bent over to pick up her bag, giving her a good broadside view of my fat ass bottom.  I kissed her thanked her again.  Couldn’t have done it without her.  She smiled and gave me this parting shot: “Your pants are stuck in your crack.”

Gotta love that woman!