I’ve been Depped.  RUN to the nearest store that carries Vanity Fair mag and splurge on the current issue.


Depp must be the winner of “most mag covers” but it was the interior shots and article itself which attracted Auntie M.

Shots of Depp in Cuba, prepping for his next movie role as a youthful Hunter S. Thompson, stretch across several pages.  Big sigh.  Story of Depp and a few friends relaxing for a week before on his boat and at his private Bahamian Island.


Who knew the various beaches on his small cay are named for his children and partner?

Douglas Brinkley, a Thompson compatriot and author, reveals the Depp we really want to see: relaxed, without paparazzi, shirtless (another BIG SIGH–sorry, a wait while I wipe that bit of drool).  Who knew music was so important to Depp that he uses it as a kind of choreography, to keep a mood or to inspire one?  The story of the Keith Richards covers he listens to at one point is worth reading the article for alone.


Yes, most of us who enjoy Depp for his many attributes probably know he is a world class guitarist.  And yes, we probably knew of his deep and total devotion to his roles and his ability to inhabit his characters.  That’s one of the reasons we love him.  So we want to hear it all from the perspective of a man who is heavily involved in this next movie, the man who carried out Thompson’s wishes to be cremated and shot into space (!).

We all have our favorite Depp roles, those that amuse us, make our hearts beat faster, or show us the depth and range of this amazingly talented (and deliciously sexy) man.


Who can resist?