Auntie M was watching some inane show one night with Doc when an ad came on, showing an attractive woman in a classy restaurant, eating dinner with the worst kind of date.  He arrived late, spoke on the cell phone, only talked to her to raise an eyebrow at her fattening dessert, and left her alone at the table with a quick kiss on the cheek and the parting words: “Happy Anniversary.”

That’s when it sinks in that this jerk is her husband.  She catches the eye of a VERY attractive man in the restaurant, who smiles at her, and then the voice over tells us: “Ashley–for when you can’t get a divorce.”

I thought at first it was a joke.  Then we saw the ad a week later on a different channel.  So in the interests of keeping you all up to date on what is out there, I went to it, hoping it was not pornographic.  It wasn’t.

What it was, is a site where people who are tired of their spouses but have no intention of getting divorced can arrange mutually satisfactory affairs.  I was stunned.  There is actually someone out there making money on this idea.  And people are signing up for it in droves.

What a sad commentary about the state of marriage in our society.  Yes, I totally understand there are times when someone MUST stay married to someone they wish they hadn’t–been there, done that–but only for a few years until I made sure I could support myself and my son.  So I have tremendous empathy for women and men out there in lonely marriages, stuck with unsympathetic spouses, who don’t see a way out of their situations.

I guess what I’m ranting about is an organization taking advantage of their emotional low to make money on their heartache.  Or are they simply providing a much needed but not talked about service?  Am I being too sensitive?

Readers, what’s your take on this????