Auntie M has to admit that this book has been in her pile for a while.

It had been recommended by a friend, but got pushed to the end of the waiting-to-be-read pile, where it languished behind a new Reginald Hill and got pushed aside by an unread Peter Lovesey.

Then I saw its red cover poking out and grabbed it a few days ago. What a treat!

Author Lisa Lutz has a wild and dark sense of humor. She’s been compared to Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiassen, but her humor lies somewhere between the two.

The Spellman’s are a family of private investigators, down to little sister Rae. Narrator Isabel, trying to live down her wilder youthful days, has reached her late 20’s and become a maven of invading other people’s privacy, even as her own is invaded and she reacts with, well, how she reacts is actually the plot of this book, so I’d better let you find out for yourself.

Izzy is a great protagonist, but part of the delight in reading this is the layout, the way Izzy characterizes events in her life. Her entire dysfunctional family has a very different way of looking at life.

Yes, Lutz has already followed up with Curse of the Spellmans, Revenge of the Spellmans, and The Spellmans Strike Again (mea culpa, I told you it sat on my shelf for a while). Read them in order, as I plan to, to get the full flavor of the growth of Izzy and her clan.