Holding a copy of my novel in my hands was pretty close to the first time I held my son.  Okay, not as earth-shattering, but longed for longer and surely at my age, an accomplishment on its own.

The first sales are dribbling in, not to mention the carton I sent off to everyone in my Acknowledgments. It was amazing to me during my research phase who generous people where when I’d tell them I was writing an novel and wanted it to be as close to accurate as possible in their area of expertise. For the mere promise of a  mention in the hoped-for Acknowledgments page, I had the ear and emails of a Chief Superintendent from the Thames Valley Police. He went to far as to give me descriptions of the interior of the police station that is a setting in the novel. And his added information on the building where inquests take place became a scene I hadn’t planned in the book.

On Tuesday Auntie M leave town to head north for two readings/signings. Will let you know how that goes.

On Thursday, Nina Romano and Lauren Small, colleagues from Screw Iowa Writing Group (www.screwiowa.com) will be giving a presentation to the International Women’s Writers Guild. The subject hovers around the changes in publishing, with the rise of independent and self publishing. It dovetails nicely with the book our group has written: The End of the Book: Writing in a Changing World. (Available as an ebook at our site.)

Then it’s on to Long Island, my former home, for a second presentation and signing.

See you soon~

The Author