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Words of Wisdom for Dreamers by Coco Ihle

We’ve all had dreams. What are yours? Have you had some fulfilled? Are you still in the process of realizing your desires?

Doggedly pursuing our dreams gives us a sense that they may come to fruition, that we may actually accomplish something in our pursuit. The more passion and determination we possess, the easier it is to move toward our goals, and having a support system helps us emotionally and practically.

Years ago when I first started writing, I shared with friends and relatives my intention of writing a book one day. Some encouraged me to go for it, some said it would be too difficult, an impossible accomplishment. I chose to go for it, despite what pitfalls I might encounter. One friend in particular shared with me a poem that has been a mainstay in my quest. The author is unknown, but I would thank him/her if I could. Here it is. I hope it will encourage you, as well.

I wish I were a could be
if I could not be an are.
For a could be is a maybe
with a chance of reaching far.
I’d rather have been a has been
than a might have been, by far.
For a might have been has never been,
while a has was once an are.

I’ve been thinking about the journey I’ve made to become a published author. As I look back, it hasn’t been short or easy, but it has been rewarding. Persistence through all the stumbling blocks, and even working through discouragement from time to time, has made my dream come true. My wish for you is that you have a good support system, dogged determination and persistence to make your dreams come true. I think it’s worth it. I hope you do, too.

I’d love to hear any secrets you may have in fulfilling your dreams. And for someone who leaves a comment and would like to write a review of my book, SHE HAD TO KNOW, I’ll put all the names in a caldron, stir the brew and select a winner for a free copy. Thank you so very much, Marni, for having me as a guest on your blog.

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Coco Ihle’s debut mystery, SHE HAD TO KNOW, has autobiographical elements involving two reunited long lost sisters’ harrowing adventures in a castle in Scotland. A product of foster care and adoption, Coco spent over fifty years searching for her sister, and found her in 1994. In her former career, she was an internationally known belly dancer who was privileged to perform in Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, Hawaii, and for appearances with the Today Show’s Willard Scott, actors Cliff Robertson and Whoopie Goldberg. She was a magazine staff writer, fundraiser for many charities and an instructor at Auburn University. A contest won her a spot in the Florida Writers Association anthology, published in 2009 and she is a contributing author in an anthology from Second Wind Publishing, recently released. She is a member of MWA, SinC, FWA, the ALMA Society and Clan Buchanan of Scotland. She lives near Tampa, Florida. http://www.cocoihle.com