Ashley Weaver’s first Amory Ames mystery, Murder at the Brightwell, was nominated for an Edgar and introduced the wealthy amateur sleuth and her charming and dashing Milo. That first entry is now out in paperback for anyone who missed it.

She returns with Death Wears a Mask, with Amory relaxing in reconciliation at their London flat with Milo, until she turns to full-sleuth mode when high-society marvel Serena Barrington needs her to find who has stolen jewels from her London flat.

There’s an upcoming masked ball and while the host is terribly sexy Viscount Dunmore, Serena’s idea is to have Amory bait a trap for the thief with a copy of Barrington’s jewels to be heisted.

But things to awry when Serena’s nephew becomes a victim and with the help of DI Jones, Amory works her way through the suspect list. Despite Milo’s photo and that of a French film star distracting her and making the advances of the Viscount seem terribly attractive, Amory puts her personal grievances aside to gain Milo’s help in finding a killer–and saving her marriage.

Weaver’s humor reminds readers of Nick and Nora Charles, if they’d been set in 1930’s British society.

GhostlyDemise AGhostlyMurder

Tonya Kappes’ Ghostly Southern Mystery series features Emma Lee Raines, the Eternal Slumber funeral home director who sees dead people. The next two installments in the series have the same hilarious humor that Auntie M’s mum calls “brain candy.”

In A Ghostly Demise, Emma Lee is surprised to find Gephus Hardy at the local deli. The father of her friend, Mary Hanna Hardy, hasn’t been seen in Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky for the past five years and that’s because he was murdered. The town drunk was thought to have disappeared, but Gephus has heard in the spirit world of Emma Lee’s propinquity for helping lost souls move on and her enlists her help.

The request comes at the worst possible time for Emma Lee, as her granny’s mayoral campaign is running in high gear. With a carnival keeping Emma Lee’s boyfriend, the Sheriff, busy in a most humorous way, she’s forced to figure out the connection between the carnival and and a killer.

A Ghostly Murder brings Emma Lee into more of a professional situation when a ghost appears to her in the form of the town’s worst hypochondriac, Mamie Sue Preston. Also one of the richest women in town, Mamie Sue was buried by Emma Lee’s rival, Burns Funeral Home, making her investigation into who killed Mamie even more difficult.

With “I Told You I was Sick” inscribed on her tombstone, Mamie Sue insists she was done in for her fortune. And too many people have benefited from her will to give up their inheritance easily.

Now Emma Lee’s granny is in the frame for murder, and it will take all of her wiles to convince boyfriend sheriff Jack Henry to help her figure out who really did away with Mamie Sue.