Mary Torjussen’s Gone Without a Trace debuted to critical acclaim. She returns with The Girl I Used to Be, every bit as strong in the psychological suspense arena.

Gemma Brogan runs her own real estate agency and worked hard to get there. Married to house-husband Joe, with young son, Rory, she’s tired all the time and trying to find a way to spend more time with her son, feeling like an outsider in her own family.

She’s still haunted by the events of fifteen years ago,
and when an overnight business trip throws her into contact with a client she’s shown houses to, and hoping to court him into selecting one, she agrees to have dinner with him.

But the next morning she wakes disoriented, with a tough headache and only a hazy recollection of part of the evening. She assumes she had too much to drink and suffers through a painful day. But little does she know that her pain is just about to start.

Shortly after she begins receiving tidbits of that evening. A photo of a stolen kiss in the hallway outside her room and a video of her complaining about Joe are only the tip of the iceberg. Soon Gemma will finds things running out of control as she faces an adversary out for revenge.

Twisting blackmail, revenge and ultimate betrayal, Gemma’s push to find the truth will have her up against uncomfortable truths that race to a pounding finish. A suspenseful and compelling read.