Anne Cleeland’s Doyle and Acton series is known for its complicated plots, as well as the light and dark contrast of the morals of DS Doyle and her titled DCI husband, Acton. The newest, Murder in Misdirection, lives up to the promise of the others for its quirky characters combined with a stellar plot you won’t soon figure out.

Heavily pregnant, with her husband anticipating his confirmation into the Church so their child can be baptized in Doyle’s Roman Catholic faith, Doyle is uncomfortable and hates being sidelines on maternity leave.

So she’s more than interested when she finds out that while she knew Holy Trinity Church had burned down, her detective husband had neglected to tell her that the body of woman had been found in the rubble.

Was the dead woman an arsonist, or is there another reason for her to be there? With her senses on high alert and her scalp prickling away, Doyle will use her ability to divine truths to find out just what scheme her vigilante husband has cooked up this time.

She manages to investigate, using her wiles and friends, and soon Doyle thinks she’s managed to ferret out what’s going on–or has she?

The relationship between the married detectives with their different personalities is at the forefront when things take an unexpected turn, and the action heats up in direct correlation to the danger Doyle finds herself in.

An grand addition to an entertaining series.