Two more thrillers that make great summer reading:

The 10th Jack Howard thriller brings the archeologist to a wreck off the Cornish coast in Inquisition.

In the manner of Steve Berry, blending real history with fiction, the Holy Grail is the subject this time. With action spanning 258, 1684, and present day, there’s something here for any reader.

This is a nice mix of action and adventure, with an enjoyable relationship between Howard and his buddy Costas. Both are intelligent and believable, but are up against villains who are smart and resourceful.

This makes the read entertaining and adds to Gibbins ability to be thought-provoking as the story unfurls. The brutality of the Inquisition adds to the backdrop, and there will be pirate ships and secret societies before the adventure is over.

Gibbins experience in underwater archeology shines through and adds an aura of authenticity that makes this shine.

The Stakes, by New Zealand author Ben Sanders, brings readers Miles Keller, the NYPD detective who steals from criminals, a real rip-off artist. The dirty cop is a veteran of the robbery division, currently suspended over shooting a hitman.

At least that has been his MO until he runs up against Nina Stone. The anti-hero crime thriller takes a surprising turn when she convinces Keller to put it all on the line for a big heist before he retires and fades away into the sunset with his bounty.

But there’s another hitman on Keller’s trail and things turn decidedly dicey. With action in LA and New York, there is a strong visual quality to Sanders’ writing. And there’s plenty of action, from page one, almost unrelentless, wiht layers to the story and differing points of view.

A highly charged thriller, well-plotted and complex.