Louise Beech is an author Auntie M had been wanting to read, so it was with great anticipation that she opened the pages of Call Me Star Girl–and she was not disappointed.

Stella McKeever is an unusual young woman. The book alternates between THEN and NOW, as her past story is spooled out in a chilling way that heightens the tension. Working in radio, Stella has decided to leave her show, and on her last night, she urges listeners to call in and share their secrets and she will share some of her own.

Stella’s secrets include her mother, Elizabeth, who walked out on Stella fourteen years ago, leaving the young girl in the care of a neighbor. Elizabeth is now back in her life, wanting to repair things. Stella’s never met her father; but she does know the scent of the perfume bottle her mother left with her that has become her talisman. Its star-shaped stopper brings good memories of Stella’s mother, memories Stella holds onto as her life takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love, hard, for Tom.

Then a young woman is found murdered in an alley. After, a man calls the station and tells Stella he knows who killed the pregant girl. Stella is determinined to get him to come forward to tell what he knows, despite the consequences. She dangles telling her own secrets to find out the truth. For Stella has been keeping a giant, horrific secret, one that will have a devastating effect.

A psychological thriller with a dark side to it, this complex story will have readers totally engrossed in Stella, her life and her secrets. Taut writing will keep readers flipping pages long after the lights should be out.