Alex Dahl’s newest Scandanavian Noir, The Heart Keeper, comes with a giveaway! One lucky reader who leaves a comment will be chosen to receive a copy of the book, so all you readers and lurkers out there, leave a comment today!

The book has a harrowing premise that makes it irresistible. Alison is the former celebrated journalist who became a mother later in life, and then lost her little girl to a drowning accident. The tragedy is one she cannot get over, and she’s consumed with grief. It’s ruining her health and her marriage.

But one thought helps her through her sorrow: that other children have been helped by the donation of Amalie’s organs.

Iselin has her own daughter, a sickly child who needed a heart transplant. She has received Amalie’s heart, and two struggle to find normality after the effects of the huge surgery Kaia’s had.

The single mother, hurting for money, is surprised but welcomes Alison’s interest in her and her child, not realizing the connection.

Alison becomes convinced that Amalie lives in Kaia as things start to spiral out of control. The pace becomes frenetic as Alison puts in force a plan she’s been working on–a plan that will allow her to recapture Amalie, even a little bit.

It’s an all-too believeable premise that makes for a gritty tale of motherhood and obsession as Alison spirls out of control. A dark thriller.