Edgar-Award winner (for If I Die Tonight) Alison Gaylin returns with a powerful psychological suspense thriller, Never Look Back.

Using the timely idea of podcasts to examine true murder, Gaylin introduces podcast producer Quentin Garrison, determined to find closure of his own through the podcast aptly named Closure.

In 1976, teens April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy ran amok in Southern California, killing almost a dozen victims in a two-week period as they ran from polce before dying in a fire.

Decades later, Quentin has lived in the shadow of those killings after a troubled childhood. Things start to spin out of control when he’s given credible evidence that leads him to believe April Cooper survived that fire.

As Quentin leaves his husband to follow the trail across the country, NYC film columnist Robin Diamond, already doubting the strength of her marriage and her husband’s fidelity, has a tough day at work when her new column sparks a series of horrific internet trolls. Her week only worsens after a call from Quentin and a home invasion that turns everything she thought she knew on its head.

The main points of view belong to Quentin, Robin, and the young April Cooper, who finds herself in a situation she could never imagine, and describes events in a series of letters to her unborn child.

Looking at the distorted lens of parent and child relationships adds depth to this thriller, while asking the question: how much of our lives are down to our parents behavior, and how much to our own actions and choices.

Being haunted by the past, despite the efforts of some of the characters, is almost an impossible feat, and it wouldn’t be a spoiler to say that “closure” may not be what some of these interesting characters find.