Please welcome NC author Joseph Terrell, to talk about his Harrison Weaver series:

You know how it is during the fading days of summer. One day tends to meld into the next, and you can’t recall whether the rain was yesterday or three days ago. It’s not that there’s nothing to distinguish one day from the next, but you do get used to an evolving slower pace as the summer winds down…even here on the Outer Banks…
So one day begins to shuffle into the next like cards from a well-thumbed deck, a tad wilted from the summer’s humidity.
But then suddenly one day slips out of that deck of cards.
And you realize, maybe not that day but soon, that nothing will ever be the same.
Your view of the human condition has changed.

That’s the beginning of my seventh in the mystery series featuring crime writer Harrison Weaver. The story—DEADLY DREAMS OF SUMMER—deals with human trafficking. Yes, and here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. More of that vile crime goes on that we may realize. And of course a beach area in the summer is ripe for it.

Now that that book is out this summer, I’ve started work on number eight in the series. As in all of them, the primary setting is the Outer Banks. The readers here, and the thousands of tourists who come here—plus the local booksellers—want and expect the Outer Banks setting. As for many of us, the setting becomes an integral part of the story.

But on this next one—tentatively titled CALLING CARDS OF DEATH—a big chunk of it is set in Paris, with a return for the final scenes back at the Outer Banks. I look forward to the Paris section. That’ll be fun.

I’ll be back in Paris for the month of October (and a few days into November). I love Paris and have been spending some time once or twice a year for 11 years now. Ah, the haunts of the heroes of my youth—Hemingway, Fitzgerald and the others. The apartment we rent is right there on the Left Bank, only a block and a half from Shakespeare and Company.

When in Paris, and when working, I aim for 1,000 words a day. Hope for the first 20,000 words on the new book in October.

Wish me luck and please come and visit the Outer Banks, and get to meet Harrison Weaver and his friends.

Joseph in Paris!

Joseph L S.Terrell is the published author of thirteen books. He has an award-winning publishing history that spans more than forty years.

A graduate in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he was awarded a full scholarship to the famed University of Iowa Writers Workshop, but the Korean War interrupted his studies. After service as a Special Agent in the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps, Joseph returned to UNC to pursue graduate studies in journalism. He began his career as a staff writer for United Press International, then went on to The Wall Street Journal’s Washington bureau covering the Pentagon. Most of his career has been spent in Washington, but he has also worked for publications in North Carolina and Virginia.

Today Joseph makes his home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, with periodic writing trips to his beloved Paris. You can find his books through his publisher, Bella Rosa Books, or ask for them wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Kindle and Nook. Joseph can be contacted at or at his website