City of Windows is Robert Pobi’s thriller set mostly in New York City that will have readers on edge with its relentless pace during the worst blizzard NY has seen.

The whiteout conditions and slippery roads mean it’s doubly difficult to track a sniper when an FBI agent in a moving car is killed. It’s not just a tough shot–between the the winds, low visibility, and moving vehicle, it’s almost impossible. Almost.

Only one man can figure out where the shot came from, former FBI agent and astrophysicist Lucas Page. His ability to see trajectories means he’s the person who can give them an edge to finding this killer. But Page has already given an eye, one arm, and a leg to the FBI, and now teaches at Columbia.

So when the agent who heads up Manhattan, Brett Kehoe, tries to get Page onboard, it’s not surprising he at first resists. Married, with a slew of adopted and foster kids, he’s ready to settle in for a few weeks at home during the Christmas holidays.

Then Page finds out the murdered man was his former partner, and he agrees to help pinpoint the site on just that one case. But more deaths of law enforcement officers occur, all in impossible situations. Soon Page finds himself being ferried around the city but his own FBI agent and dealing with Bureau political hacks, with a surprising lack of crucial evidence to assist him.

And then his family becomes the target.

A well-crafted and fast-paced plot make this a thriller that’s tough to put down. Auntie M started it one morning and the rest of her day became consumed by the read. Lucas Page and his unusual family add a nice counterpoint to the stark plot, and this reader is hoping to see them all in print again. Highly recommended.