The Last Seance is the newest compilation of twenty stories by Agatha Christie and features a story never before published in the USA.

Subtitled Tales of the Supernatural, that theme runs through the stories. There are some old favorites readers might have read before: “The Blue Geranium,” a Miss Marple story that includes science in its deciphering, and several Poirot’s, including “The Dream,” where Poirot debunks the supernatural.

The story never before seen in the US is “The Wife of Kenite,” a revenge tale that echoes the horrors of war and while it has none of Christie’s familiar characters, it’s at once a tale of war and its travesties as much as it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time–or is it exactly the right time?

One of Auntie M’s personal favorites has to be “Philomel Cottage,” where a young wife finds out that the husband she’s married is not whom he seems and sets out to rectify her situation.

Devilishly clever, and just in time for the spooky time of the fall. A great addition to any Christie fans collection, or for those who enjoy sinister tales.