Luanne Rice’s newest thriller is a family drama that encompasses the art world in New England in Last Day.

It’s been twenty-three years since sisters Kate and Beth were tied up with their mother in the basement of the family’s art gallery while thieves stole a valuable painting.

Their mother died during the incident, and when it came to light that their father was involved in the theft, the girls handled their trauma very differently. Beth fell in love and married and had a daughter and is pregnant again; Kate closed her heart and took her wounded self to the skies, becoming a pilot without entanglements.

But everything changes when Kate discovers Beth has been strangled, killing her unborn son. Grief-stricken, Kate is determined to find who’s responsible.

One of the first responder’s the initial incident has risen to become a detective, always watching and tracking the two young women he rescued. Conor Reid is on Beth’s murder case, and his suspicion focuses on Beth’s husband, Peter, and arrogant womanizer.

But is he missing the real murderer? Kate and Conor will each try to solve Beth’s murder in different ways, ferreting out the secrets Beth’s circle carry.

The perfect New England homes where Beth, Kate and their close friends live all hide betrayal at its deepest level.