Simone St. James will have pulses racing with her supernatural thriller, The Sun Down Motel.

“Mystery with Ghosts” could be the subtitle, with the story alternating between Viv in 1982, and her nice Carly, in 2017.

Fell, NY, is the setting, where Carly Kirk has come to town to investigate her aunt’s disappearance years ago. The town has seen its share of murders to young women. To do so she’s left college after her mother’s death leaves her a small inheritence and the drive to do this.

Carly takes a job working the night shift at the same motel where Viv worked in 1982, searching for clues. The motel is a throwback to that era, still using a handwritten guest book and keys instead of cards to open doors.

But soon the same kind of weird things that Viv witnessed happen to Carly: the prank calls to the front desk with no one on the other end; doors that open; lights go out. Creepiest is the smell of cigarette smoke with no one there.

Carly soon finds she has more in common with Viv than she imagines as she finds out what’s been happening in Fell, NY. Deliciously creepy.