Jo Spain’s Six Wicked Reasons is a wonderful study in characters so vividly drawn, readers will feel they’ve come to know the Lattimer family.

Six siblings have varied stories, and all of their stories of this dysfunctional family will become known: sisters Ellen, Kate and Clio; brothers James, Adam, and Ryan.

The thing that unites them is the treatment each has endured from their father, Frazer Lattimer. While seeking his approval, wanting his love, each has experienced the depths he would sink to with his own children. Each has suffered at some point, been the butt of his humiliation, or worse. Each has reached a breaking point.

Ten years ago Adam disappeared and was presumed dead, which led to Kathleen Lattimer’s early death. Since then the other siblings have been absent from the family home, in Dublin, France, Italy. Youngest daughter, Clio, has spent the last four years in New York.

Then Adam suddenly returns. His sibling are called to the family home by their father for a reunion weekend in Spanish Cover that Frazer orchestrates with surprises for all of his children.

The weekend culminates with a party aboard a yacht with an ultimate surprise but a huge one for Frazer, too. Nine people are aboard, but only eight will return.

An excellent read, atmospheric and chilling, where every character has a strong motive for murder. Highly recommended.