David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter Mysteries returns with his newest, Muzzled.

Andy is the consummate dog lover, which mirrors Rosenfelt, and like his creator, the funds and brains behind a rescue organization, the Tara Foundation. He’s also a retired lawyer but is not retired enough, often taking on cases that fall into his lap for one reason or another.

In this case, it’s his friend Beth Morris who gets him involved with a new request: she’s caring for a lab named Lucy, whose owner was a murder victim, a man who perished on his boat along with two others when it was blown up.
Only thing is, said victim contacted Beth to say he wants to come and pick up his dog.

After confirming Alex Vogel is indeed the dog’s owner, and more importantly, still alive, Andy finds himself listening to Vogel’s explanation that his life was in danger, and he disappeared to figure out what was going on.

Soon Andy, with the encouragement of his wife, Laurie, his chief investigator, finds himself involved against his will in defending Vogel of the murder of the two men who were on his boat when it exploded.

He reasons a man who loves his dog enough to come out of hiding to find her couldn’t be a murderer. Right? Unfortunately, the police don’t see it that way when evidence mounts up against Vogel.

As they prepare for trial, it soon becomes clear to Andy and his team that the only way to clear Vogel is to track down the real killer.

A treat for dog lovers, courtroom thrillers, or mystery fans, Muzzled is another treat for those who enjoy a dose of humor with their crime.