Karen Dionne (The Marsh King’s Daughter) mines Michigan’s Upper Peninsula once again in her new thriller, The Wicked Sister. Her love and grasp of the dark woods and landscape coupled with the nature theme that runs through this bring the area alive and set the scene for a startling mystery.

Rachel Cunningham thought as a young girl she killed her parents. She’s lived in a psychiatric facility since then, until fifteen years after the grisly death of her parents.

When she finds out her memory had been tricked, and she was not responsible at all, she leaves the facility and moves to the UP and the family lodge that she’s inherited along with her sister, Diana.

Diana has lived at the lodge the entire time Rachel has been in her self-imposed exile, believing she deserved to stay away. Now she returns to the majestic area where her parents, research biologists in different fields of study, brought Diana as a young child. It’s the only home Rachel has ever known.

Flashbacks to the childhood of Diana tell the story of why the young family felt forced to flee their first home. Now that Rachel has returned, she must strike a balance and renew her relationship with her sister. So why does the home she loved feel as if it contains evil?

The psychology of families, and the lengths that will be taken to keep secrets, haunt this suspenseful tale.