It’s true: spring is finally here and I’m wearing my birkies and had shorts on today, despite having legs-that-should-never-wear-shorts, completely decorated with matching scars from my knee replacements.  This tells you something about my (lack of) vanity on most days.  The birds are riotous here, purple martins screeching in their apartments (Radar likes to chase their shadows) and barn swallows nesting under our stairs.  The blue birds are here in abundance and Doc has already had to refill his hummingbird feeders several times.

I’m feeling pretty satisfied tonight: got EVERYTHING on today’s must-do list accomplished and now when I go outside I am a smiling gal.  There are flowers in the cement heads that hang off the pilings, more on the back steps going up into the house.  I sanded and spray-painted two vintage metal flower holders that remind me of the antique store we bought them from in Virginia (primer and two colors, no less).  these sport alstromeria and grace our front steps going down to to the river.  I found a window box that fits over the porch railing across from the door we use daily and filled that with draping perennials in blues, yellow and violet.  And weeded the verbena and put coreopsis in the Tuscan planter that hangs by our drive.

Then spent the rest of the evening finishing the dress-up clothes Granddtgr R asked for: 3 Colonial maids, ready to keep her busy with her American Girls, boxed up and ready to mail out for her 8th birthday next week.

Doc put our two new porch benches together and installed a low railing around the hot tub, so little ones can’t walk across the top and sink in.  After he finished getting the rest of the veggie garden seeds started.  It just feels so good to have so many things accomplished and to see the house ‘waking up’ after its winter sleep.

My mood is high, can you tell?
I think I’ll sleep well tonight!