Auntie M has been off line a bit; a lightening strike got our satellite and I couldn’t get our Internet to work until Doc returned from his Tx/Mx trip last night and this morning all is right with the world once again.

Last Friday night I had Girls Night In here: five women friends came in their pj’s/robes/slippers.  We ate cheeses, olives, fruits and hors d’, drank a tiny bit of wine, and went in the hot tub (4 of the 6 of us).  Then we adjourned to the living room and put in the chick flick Caro had brought us: “27 Dresses” a most absurd movie not made for anything but brain candy time.  Did I mention we ate a bit more, brownies and tiny pecan pies and mini-cinnamon buns and trail mix and chocolate candy, along with a wee bit more wine?

They each had a goodie bag to take home, with a tiny summer wreath made by yours truly, a good-smelly lavendar soap, and their first initial picked out in faux pearls and hanging on a ribbon to tuck somewhere.

Three slept over and the next morning we had breakfast together and sat with our coffee on the porch.  It was an absolutely lovely day and we lingered there, drinking and talking.  When they left by 11AM I felt like I’d really had some time alone with these delightful women.  One thing we all have in common, despite differences in many other things, is that we are all of an age to be taking care of our parents–some in nursing homes, some still in their own homes, all experiencing the role reversal that occurs at middle age and above.

Call it female bonding, call it escapism, whatever you call it, it was just good plain fun!