Oh, dear, Auntie M is up to her ears!

In party prep: Friday: Pig picking at neighbor’s, one coconut pie, one lemon poppy-seed cake, 80 deviled eggs to bring.

Saturday, Steak Bday dinner for 12 for Paramedic son–(Could I really be old enough to have a child 32?)with  chocolate-cherry cheesecake.

Sunday: Family-from-NJ dinner for 8, cinnamon cake, leftover cheesecake, big meal still deciding.

In work: One 240 pg manuscript finally done and sent out today to SI group; 300 pg one to edit this weekend (see above) and start reading three others for writers group.

In her head: a nasty sinus infection, complete with headaches, streaming nose, sneezing, tired and ugly.

In her computer: which has suddenly decided it does not recognize some things and throws out others.  Hence, my inability today to get comments to anyone else’s blog (Hen: ANY High tea and I’m there~faves: The Parsonage, Oxford, and Helmsley Palace, NY complete with harpist.  MEL: Kudo’s all around on Mr T, plantings, soil samples and wild violets.  Can you make blueberry buckle in Colorado?)

I am turning the bloody thing off so it can have a well-deserved rest (maybe it’s just too hot?) and hope when I get back to it Monday it’s fixed itself, the head has stopped streaming, the food is eaten and the guests gone, the manuscripts are getting read and all is right with the world.