Auntie M is recovering today from a horrid stomach virus that is making the rounds.  This is what happens when one tries to be a do-gooder, as Auntie M found out after visiting The Son Who Should Know Better and his wife, and in the process, helped her change their sheets and neaten up the house.  And then remembered they’d both had the virus a few days before…

Anyway, bounding out of bed today, feeing much better, I ate lunch and worked for a few hours until drowsiness overcame me, sitting at my laptop.  I hit a spot in my revisions between chapters where I need to insert an entire new bit, something I need to mull over, the perfect stopping place to hit the sofa with a thin blanket and think hard about it.  I was asleep in minutes in one of those dreams you can’t wake up from~

In the dream, I’ve walked into town to impress Doc with how fit I’m going to get.  This is the start of the joke because ‘town’ as we know it, is 23 miles away!  Once I get there, the paltry rain we had last night has flooded the town so that the stores are under water up to their roofs!  On the way home, I’m suddenly on a bicycle (isn’t it neat how those things just happen in dreams?). I stop peddling when I hit a huge town I don’t recognize that looks vaguely like Cincinnati, a place I’ve never visited.

I ask for directions to my route and people stare at me.  Am I even in the same state?  I ask a youth for Route 264 and he tells me what’s playing at the movie theatre.  I narrowly avoid getting on a train and finally enter a cute shop and ask the proprietor, a man with white hair and eyebrows, where I am.  He, in turn, asks me if I’m going to buy something from him.

I burst into tears.  “You mean you won’t tell me where I am unless I buy something?”  I’m overwhelmed by his crassness when I turn around–and there’s Doc, come to rescue me.

“Thank goodness, I was getting desperate.  How did you know where to find me?”

Doc, meanwhile, is investigating some garishly beaded trays.  “We could use these to eat in front of the TV,” he tells me, before turning to me and adding: “I always know where you are.”

Fortunately, I woke up before I could hit him.