All weekend I’ve been listening to well-deserved tributes to Tony Snow, the Washington writer and newsman whose essays I’ve always admired and whose on-camera presence always lit the screen with his huge, genuine smile.

Dying of cancer at age 53 after a three year battle, Snow openly put his love for his family and his faith above all professional regards.  He had the good sense to know what his priorities were, and the good grace to share those priorities with us all.

He showed everyone undergoing cancer treatment that they should not hide their outside appearance, as he showed us all he was still the same person underneath the white face, lack of eyebrows and thinning white hair.  He showed up and did his job and did it well.  When his cancer returned and spread to his liver, he left his brief tenure at the White House as Press Secretary to earn more money for his family’s future.  His departure that day was met with a standing ovation from the entire White House staff, waiting for him outside on the street as he made his way to his car.

His wife and three children will permanently have a big hole in their hearts, left by this great man and the admiration he inspired.

Godspeed, Tony Snow.