Auntie M’s mother, the only parent Doc and I have left between us, turns 75 in a few weeks.  She married at 17 and I was born 12 mos later, so she is a very young mom for a 56 yr-old to have.  After deciding she didn’t want a big party, she decided what she REALLY wanted was a new big screen TV, which Doc and I got her at the beginning of the summer and she’s been enjoying.

On the Big Day we will have a nice dinner with her in a new local restaurant with Paramedic Son and his wife, then head to her church parish house for coffee and cake with her friends and neighbors.  I’ve insisted on this last bit, some sort of festivity to honor 75 years, and her cottage is too small to accommodate more than a few people at a time.  Plus, most of her friends revolve around her church, and, it’s free.

I wanted to do something special for her and a few weeks ago came up with the idea of a Birthday tree:

I sent out flyers to everyone back in the northeast who knows her, to family we no longer see routinely, so old friends.  I included a mailing label to me and a stamp, and asked everyone to mail ME a birthday card for HER.  My plan is to punch holes in the cards and string ribbons on them, then hang them on a funky lime green metal Christmas tree we usually put on our porch.  I’ll use it to decorate the cake table and she can have fun reading the cards later.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response!  The actual birthday date is August 13th, but as of today I’ve already received 31 cards for the tree.  Most senders have written a short note inside with good wishes and news.  A few sent photo’s of their grandchildren or added longer typed notes of what is going on in their lives.

This was such an easy thing to do and I know Mom will enjoy it long after the cake has been eaten.  Just thought I’d pass that along to anyone searching for ideas for a special birthday~