Earlier in the week I promised you a heads up to new Friday night summer shows worth watching, and tonight’s the night: On USA channel at 9 Pm we have the return of Monk, the ocd detective Tony Shaloub has perfected to a T, or should i say, M?

More brain candy follows at 10pm on the east coast with Psych, the oreo detecting team who manage to get there without a clue to how they did it.  Cybil Shepherd guests tonight.  Little redeeming social value, tons of giggles on a Friday night.

If we eat dinner out, we’ll watch them on DVR without commercials and still have time for reading in bed…

Love my summer Friday nights!

Last evening we sat on our dock and the dogs and I watched Doc as he threw his casting net several times to great effect, collecting enough tiny silver slithering fishies to feed the crabs that are in his three traps.  What is the fate of these collected crustaceans?   Doc is yet to decide if we are to eat them, release them to further pepper the breeding grounds, or use them for bait for bigger fish. . .

While he was fussing with the traps and the wiggling fish, I was watching the sun start to dip, bringing a pink glow to the edge of the few flossy clouds in the pale Carolina blue sky.  In the distance we heard a dog bark, not ours, who were busily sniffing the traps and hoping a stray leg would fall off.  Otherwise, the only sound was the occasional splash of a jumping mullet in the river or a passing martin overhead.

Doc sat down beside me and for a few minutes, as the dogs settled at our feet, we sat there just enjoying our immense good fortune in living in such a beautiful place.  Lately we have been talking about taking a Trip, to England/France, maybe, possibly, down the road, but living here is like being on a kind of vacation every day~one we don’t take for granted.


We are indeed blessed.  Besides your kids and family, all givens, what are your daily blessings?