Auntie M has been noticeably absent, sorry about that.

The birthday trip was fun, no movie but some nice retail therapy, including nice lined pants and silk shirt for the Screw Iowa presentation in the Big Apple November 6th; sampling several couches, and a great Indian dinner out.

Picking up Radar and Murray on the way home the next day is another story.  Seems there was this cement parking bump/curb that blended right in with the cement driveway, dumb idea for sure, who would see that?  I sure didn’t . . . .

Flash! Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: Auntie M executing her newest Peggy Fleming manuveur! quite like this~

Watch as she smoothly sends her Birkies flying in opposite directions as she takes off in flight.

Marvel at the neat sound her mostly-artificial knees make when they hit cement. 

Cheer for the major “OOF” that issues forth when her tummy follows and she ends up sprawled flat out on the driveway.

Giggle as she picks herself up, assuring the startled kennel owner that she is fine, absolutely fine, despite her red face, bleeding palms, and probable skinned knees. 

Gasp at the sight of her, (getting back in her car with dogs in tow, and finally summoning up the courage to raise her pants legs), when she sees the large raised EGG on her left knee, the horrid bruising starting on her right, the black and blue palm.

Smile at her ingenuity, as she presses her iced coffee against said eggy bump for the hour ride home.

Wince along with her as she manuveurs her now-stiff legs out of the truck, hobbles after the dogs, and drags the packages up 21 steps into her house on stilts.

Nod with approval as she gulps down one two Darvocets and one two Ultrams before feeding said dogs and crawling onto the couch with ice bags on both knees.

Somehow the dogs were taken care of, the closet got cleaned out, the Mother got her day alone with Auntie M including sitting through Beverly Hills Dog movie, (predicatble but the dogs were cute) the food for Weds Paramedic son’s Anniversary dinner got sorted/defrosted/prepped/baked,  all while the knees blossomed in technicolor, the wrenched back and arm muscles made themselves known, and the medicine cabinet was visited frequently.

And you thought I was just goofing off~