Auntie M has spent the last days at the oncologist with her best friend who, unfortunately, has dire need of those services and who is experiencing terrible neurological side effects of a medicine designed to stave off her nausea.  I’m close to asking the onc if Caro can have a joint.

Tonight I’m all for getting lost in cheesy television, even my book won’t do until later when I clear my head and can concentrate.  So after I sign off I’m gearing up to watch “Numb3rs” with Doc, one of his faves.  That numerical stuff always amuses me, the mathphobe, whether it would work in reality or not.  Hated math in school.  Never failed, but hated it. Give me words or reading or writing anytime.

I’ve come to enjoy this one because it has these convoluted math approaches that always help to get the bad guys, plus it’s got Dr. Joel from “Northern Exposure” one of my all-time faves.  And I don’t have to do any kind of computations, equations, or algorithems.

Running at the same time, which means I’ve DVR’ed it to watch after, is a newer one called “Life.”

Damian Lewis isn’t my idea of a handsome leading man, yet his quirkiness and the humor in the show take me out of what I’ve been doing and will give me some much-needed respite.  I totally do NOT buy Adam Arkin as old enough to be his father, but maybe that’s because I remember HIM from “Northern Exposure” and it seems they are too close in age to be father and son.  Plus, they don’t resemble each other at all.

But still–it will take me away and for 44 minutes give me something else to ponder, a good thing.

Now if you’re looking for something CUTE to ponder, head over to the Etsy site and check out Etsy Love by our own Jen on the Edge.  I just got my first order in the mail and sent some adorable ponytailers out to my two grand daughters.  AND the pin I ordered for moi was larger than the snap showed and oh-so-much cuter!  I’m definitely shopping there for more of those for neat Christmas presents.  Will look so cute on my winter coat.

AND don’t forget Gert at The World According to Gert is gearing up for her big cancer walkathon with friends; details on her site.

What delightful, talented women I’ve met~