Tonight Auntie M and Paramedic Son are watching the finals of Dancing with the Stars.  Yes, I know it’s a silly reality show, not worth the time I spend on it, filled with so-so celebs, but i enjoy ballroom dancing, an when it’s done right, it rocks.  So I watch it here and there, and we’re down to two.  One is a good dancer, the other a good entertainer; one is a model/host and mother of four; the other is a burly football player.  I like that the football player, Warren Sapp, has made it to the finals, because I’ve enjoyed watching this large man get jiggy with it.  He’s become light on his feet, has loosened his hips, and isn’t afraid of new things.  I like the woman because despite an admitted poor memory(and iwth four kids home, one 8 mos, I totally understand), she’s attractive, she did the dances the way she should be done, and she brought a big smile to it with long legs, and a sexy elegance.

Wait no longer: it’s Brooke Burke and her dancer partner whatever his name is Blondie!

OK, really bad post, but I’m super tired.  It’s been like having a new born baby this last week.