Auntie M hasn’t figured out the origins, but there’s something about a black Scottie dog she adores.

And it slays me even better with a tartan ribbon around his neck or blanket on~ there is always one being walked somewhere in every novel I write.  One day some reader will notice this and write to me about it.

Maybe it’s because they remind me of licorice, and I LOVE licorice!

I have never wanted to own this particular type of dog~I just love the way they look: scruffy (I’m big on scruffy, being a kind of scruffy person myself); feisty; fun-loving; and just darn cute.  Kind of regal in a small package, and I’m big on small packages, being height-challenged myself.

I think I were to ever own one, he’d have to be called MacTavish, or Hamish, don’t you think?

What’s your thing that just gets to you? (in a good way!)

At Christmas symbol I use dishes with  a Scottie with a tartan rim for me and Doc; I have just those two plates and bowl and wish I had the entire set of dishes for winter use.  How decadent!  Whilst the snowmen and angels and holly abounds, look closely and you’ll find a few Scotties on our tree (with tartan collars, of course).