to all!

Here at The Briary, our New Year’s Eve and Day will be quiet, due to current circumstances.

However, despite Doc’s continuing pain and my Nancy Nurse cap slightly askew, we are grateful for small things:

A neighbor bringing our daily paper and mail to us down the end of the rural road we live on.

Others brought Chinese food tonight (no cooking!),  a real treat.

Our Chapel Hill friends, down for the holiday, brought us crispy baguettes and a challah from our food co-op in Carrboro.

Paramedic son procured an over-bed table for Doc (not covered by insurance) but he’s using our breakfast-in-bed tray, fearful of hitting his knee on it with a quick move.  However, it is EXACTLY the right size for a laptop table for moi, allowing me to blog here and there and check emails.  Way cool.

Most of all, the love of a supportive family and good friends.

May your 2009 be filled with happiness and light, with peace and good health.