dishing dirt
Agatha Raisin is back and this may be her most unusual case yet–and this time she’s dishing the dirt in more ways than one, including giving out sage dating advice:
Iyer Indiscretion

It’s spring time in the Cotswolds and Agatha should be in a great mood, but the book opens with a grumpy Raisin after one elderly woman, Victoria Bannister, manages to goad Agatha by reminding her of her humble beginnings. Aware of her encroaching middle age, this is a touchy subject for Agatha.

Agatha's Dating Tip 2

With her ex-husband, travel writer James, living next door, and her good friend, Sir Charles Fraith the only ones who know of her Birmingham slum days, Agatha is convinced it must be the therapist, Jill Davent, whom James has been seen with lately. She’s even taken it so far as to visit the therapist, but when Agatha poured out a sanitized version of her background, the therapist had the temerity to accuse her of lying! Even though she was . . .

Agatha's Dating Tip 3

Things are rarely simple for Agatha. Jill also sees Gwen Simple as a patient, and Agatha is convinced the woman assisted her son in grisly murders in the past, although she hasn’t been able to provide proof. That doesn’t stop Agatha from telling anyone and everyone that Jill the therapist is incompetent, a charlatan better off dead. Then Jill moves her office and Agatha breathes a short-loved sigh of relief.

Agatha's Dating Tip 6

Unfortunately, Agatha meets a PI Jill hired to investigate her roots, and goes off as only Agatha can do, yelling into the Randolph bar “I’ll kill her!”, overheard by scores of witnesses. And she drives to Jill’s office, with it’s open windows, and repeats her threat.

Agatha's Dating Tip 7

And we’re off and running, when two days later Jill is found strangled in her office–and this time it’s Agatha who’s in the hot seat. She must use her wits and her team to prove her own innocence while bringing the real murderer to justice on a wild ride that takes her all the way to Venice. Vintage Agatha~

Agatha's Dating Tip 10