Anthony Award and Mary Higgins Clark Award winner Lori Rader-Day returns with her most captivating thriller yet in The Day I Died.

Anna Winger has developed a life for herself and her 13 yr-old son, analyzing handwriting for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for someone evaluating a romantic hopeful, or for a business looking for the best employee to hire.

She also has a habit of leaving towns quickly, and not forming attachments, leaving her past domestic abuse behind in order to save her son’s life.

In her newest town, she’s asked to analyze a note left at a murder scene that involves the kidnapping of a child. While the local sheriff barely tolerates her work, he soon admits she may hold the only chance he has to find the kidnapped child.

Anna will face the scrutiny of many in the town, as well as the mixed reaction she gets at the police department she’s trying to help. Who is her friend and who is her foe? And her bottom line always is: who can she really trust?

And then Anna’s own son goes missing, and suddenly all bets are off as she must explore every option and go anywhere she can to try to rescue her son and another small child.

A totally absorbing thriller, filled with realistic characters and a complex story.