Carol Goodman’s gothic thriller, The Other Mother, touches base with thriller, laden with motherhood and identity, resonates with its tale of who can be trusted.

Daphne Marist is suffering from Post-Partum Mood Disorder when she meets her doppelganger in Laurel Hobbes. Both women have daughter’s named Chlore.Soon the two women are mirroring each other in an intense friendship , matching clothes and haircuts with their deepest secrets.

When Daphne decides to run from the controlling husband she is afraid will take her daughter away from her, she takes a position as archivist for her favorite author, Schuyler Benedict. It’s a live-in position that will allow her to take her baby. The big issue is that she’s appropriated her friend’s name and identity, and that’s not all.

Benedict’s house, complete with a tower room, is isolated and hidden in the trees, quite near a mental asylum. As she works, she comes across notes about Edith Sharp, a resident of the asylum. But is the same women who she’s trusting to care for her baby?

A harrowing tale~