Dead Pretty was Auntie M’s first DS McAvoy novel but it won’t be her last.

The dark Hull crime novel is filled with realisism and an eye for the telling detail. It’s been called “gritty” and “atmospheric,” and those terms certainly apply when McAvy and his Superintendent friend, Trish Pharaoh, try to solve what turns out to be a string of horrific murders.

McAvoy’s devotion to his cases is unshakeable, the unsolved ones haunt him. It’s been 9 months since Hannah Kelly went missing, and he can’t pretend she’s still alive when a second young woman is found murdered with striking similarities.

He’s looking for a connection between the two young woman just as Reuben Hollow is released from a murder conviction on appeal. Hollow has taken a liking to Super Pharaoh and it’s a dicey relationship, especially when her home is broken into and her young family threatened.

The way the two story lines come together is twisted but realistic, as is the complex ending with twists that will leave readers breathless. Adding to the haunting feel is McAvoy’s own family, who become involved. With strong characters, especially McAvoy’s wife, and a supporting cast who add texture, the bleak city streets of Humberside come alive under Mark’s talented pen.

One to look for, with a totally unique main character who defies being put in a box.