The third Lori Anderson thriller finds single mother and bounty hunter Anderson in a race for everyone she loves in Deep Dirty Truth which starts off with a bang when Lori is kidnapped after dropping her daughter off at school.

Written in the first person brings Lori’s voice to the forefront, and the realistic and snappy dialogue that accompanies the frenetic pace adds to the tension of this high-wired plot when Lori has only 48 hours to save herself and her family after being given an ultimatum by Miami mobsters.

A strong protagonist who carries the book well, Lori is usually on what she considers the right side of the law until her family is threatened. This time she has a deadline to deliver a man being held in FBI protective custody who is set to testify against the mob.

It’s a tough, breathless race across Florida, filled with grit and determination due to the high stakes. Readers not familiar with the series can read this as a standalone. Broadribb’s training as a bounty hunter in the US adds a high level of reality to Lori and the dark trail she’s on.

A fresh voice in action thrillers, one Mark Billingham calls “a real cracker.”