An unusual premise starts off Kerry Lonsdale’s Last Summer with protagonist Ella Skye recovering from a car accident which has cost the life of her unborn child. She has amnesia to the accident and the events leading up to it–including her pregnancy.

A senior editor at a tony magazine, married to a busy but successful tech entrepreneur, Ella can see by the changes in her body that she was pregnant, and when she’s discharged, there’s a nursery set up in their home.

But why can’t she recall being pregnant? And why is her husband, Damien, determined to push away any conversation about their lost child so she can grieve properly?

A new magazine profile of a celebrity adventurer may be just the ticket to help her heal, one she thought she’d begun researching before her accident in the hope she would score the interview. Then why is all of her research gone? And why is her husband so determined that she not interview Nathan Donovan?

The strain on her marriage causes Ella to do what she does best: investigate and research. What she uncovers brings her to unsettling and disturbing actions. And then a solution occurs to her that changes everything.

The unusual plot revolves around uncomfortable truths and the secrets we hide, as the suspense builds and Ella learns just how far she is willing to go to hide those truths.