Tokyo’s Detective Saga has been transferred to a new district in Newcomer. Experienced, and with his own way of unraveling truths, Kaga is part of the team sent to investigate the murder of a woman.

As he follows the trail of clues, Kaga comes across more than one story, told in linked chapters, and manages to get to the bottom of several others, all having smaller secrets in this neighborhood.

He will trace the woman’s last days, visiting shops and cafes she visited, piecing her movements together, and delving into her past.

One of the things Kaga knows is human nature. Readers will learn Japanese culture while Kaga unravels the stories of those in the realm of the dead woman.

Yet he never loses sight of the real target: the killer of a woman who was just coming into her own.

Auntie M enjoys Kaga for his inscrutable nature, which manifests itself in his infinite patience and in his ability to read people. A highly satisfying read.