After Sundown is the creation of two talents combining forces to bring this tale of romantic suspense with an edge to the page.

Sela Gordon is the shy owner of a small shop in rural Tennessee who keeps herself to herself in Wears Valley. Ben Jeringan is the equally reclusive ex-military man who lives alone on Cove Mountain and keep his distance from everyone in the surrounding area, stopping in Sela’s shop for gas and groceries on occasion.

The day he breaks that pattern it’s to tell Sela that a solar storm is coming and will take down the power grid. His warning allows her to make some preparations for herself, her aunt Carol she cares for, and Carol’s teen granddaughter whom she’s raising.

When the worst happens and it’s clear the townspeople need a leader, Sela will find the strength to step up. And Ben will have to lower his guard enough to allow this woman he finds undeniably sexy into his life.

There will be a ‘before’ world and an ‘after’ world, with grievances as people adjust to their new lives and learn new skills. How to cook, medical care, teaching the children all will be done by the donated talents of those living in the valley and mountainside.

But there will also be a standoff from some who feel they have a right to take more of what their small community is meant to be sharing. And that’s when the guns come out.

A startling and all-too-believeable thriller.