Perfect for April Fool’s Day!

Auntie M reads about three crime novels a week. So when an author who writes great books keeps getting consistently better, she takes notice. Without repeating herself, CJ Tudor has done just that, bringing out her fourth, The Other People. And as much as the first three were loved and exalted, this one just may be her best.

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Driving home one night, stuck in traffic, the face of a young girl appears in the back window of the car in front of Gabe. It’s his daughter’s face.

He races home only to find police there with unthinkable news: his wife and daughter, Izzy, have been killed by an apparent intruder. How could this happen?
And how could he have seen his daughter in a car in front of him when she’s already dead?

In the intervening three years, Gabe has become a ghost of his former self. Living in a van, he drives up and down the highway, looking for the rusted old car that took his daughter away. For he’s convinced he saw her that night, and that she can’t be dead.

What’s going on here is not a ghost story, not really. But there are spooky and unbelievable things happening, and they center around The Other People, a group who have taken the awfulness that’s happened to them as individuals and dealt with it not by forgetting but by exacting revenge in a way that can’t lead back to them.

It’s a total and complete new world Gabe finds himself in. Forced to confront his own secrets, too, he must figure out what’s really happening, and finds an accomplice in an unlikely place.

Lee Child says: “Some writers have it, and CJ Tudor has it big time.” Creepy and atmospheric, yet a satisfying read, this one completely earns the tag Highly Recommended.